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You will find our restaurant ‘Sena sodyba’ (Old Cottage) in an  ethnographic mansion  in Nida. We opened in summer 1993 and it has  been 30 years since we take care of our  guests’ culinary needs to enjoy a  delicious meal. After regaining independence of  Lithuania, our restaurant  was opened as one of the first private cafes in Nida. The  restaurant is a  family business and we learned the business of catering on the job. It has  been a pleasure to observe the change of our clientele in years, and we can  boast that  the new generation of the families who have been our regulars  return. They are our  old-timers who visit our restaurant with their  children, family friends and acquaintances.  We do our best to satisfy our  clients' needs and create a cosy home-like atmosphere.

 It is always a pleasure to welcome foreign guests too. Some of them have  been coming  to Nida for more than ten years and frequent our restaurant.  We are grateful for their  loyalty to us.

 So, if you are looking for good food, relaxed atmosphere of having your  meals in a  garden, come visit us. We offer a diverse menu of Lithuanian  and European cuisine.  Only our restaurant can boast home made national  dish of kastinis, cutlets made of  pike, potato pancakes, fish soup and  other specialities made according to our family  recipes.

 We are looking forward to welcome you in our restaurant and hope you  enjoy spending  many forthcoming summers with us in Nida.

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