Food Drinks


3,00 €Garlic and butter spread with boiled potatoes
1,20 €Cucumber salad
choose the source: oil, sour cream or mayonnaise
1,20 €Tomato salad
choose the source: oil, sour cream or mayonnaise
1,20 €Cucumber and tomato salad
choose the source: oil, sour cream or mayonaise
2,00 €Mixed vegetable salad
2,00 €Cabbage and tomato salad with mayonnaise and garlic
3,50 €Tomato and shrimp salad with mayonnaise and olives
3,50 €Cheese salad with tomato with mayonnaise and garlic
4,00 €Tuna salad
tuna, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, olive
3,00 €Herring salad
Herring, onion, beetroot, carrot, egg, potato, mayonnaise
3,50 €Herring with boiled potatoes and vegetables
4,00 €Cheese MOZZARELLA and tomato
3,00 €Meat in jello with horseradich
2,50 €Cold beetroot soup
traditional Lithuanian dish, served with hot potatoes
1,80 €Soup of the day
4,00 €Fish soup
Fish dishes
9,00 €Roasted pikeperch fillet
10,50 €Royal pikeperch with cheese and mushroom
9,00 €Roasted halibut
8,00 €Fried plaice fillet
8,00 €Fried cod fillet
8,00 €Stewed pike cutlet in sour cream sauce
9,00 €Roasted salmon
10,00 €Roasted salmon with cheese
10,50 €Roasted salmon with mushrooms and cheese
8,00 €Roasted perch fillet
Meat dishes
7,00 €Roast pork
7,50 €Roast pork with cheese
8,00 €Roast pork with cheese and mushrooms
8,00 €Roast pork with hot sauce
12,00 €Entrecote
6,00 €Chicken breast
7,00 €Chicken breast with cheese
6,00 €Fried chicken fillet in cream source
6,00 €Chicken liver stew in onion source
7,00 €Chicken Kiev
4,00 €Smoked sausages
fried in oil
4,00 €Sausages
2,00 €French fries with ketchup
3,00 €Potatoes pancakes with minced meat and sour cream
3,00; 5,00 €Potato pancakes with sour cream
(3 ) (5 )
6,00 €Potato pancakes with salmon and sour cream
5,00 €Zeppelins with meat
3,50 €Russian pelmeni with sour cream
3,50 €Fried Russian pelmeni in sauce
3,50 €Cottage chews dumplings with sour cream
5,00 €Spaghetti BOLOGNESE
3,50 €Spaghetti in butter and cheese source
3,00 €Fried egg with smoked bacon
3,50 €Omelette with broccoli
3,20 €Pancakes with cheese
3,20 €Pancakes with cottage cheese and sour cream
3,20 €Pancakes with banana and jam
0,60 €Sour cream
100 g.
1,00 €Cracklings
50 g.
3,00 €Fried egg with sausage and vegetables
Cake2,20 €Cake
Apple pie served warm2,20 €Apple pie served warm
Honey cake2,20 €Honey cake
Jelly with raspberries1,60 €Jelly with raspberries
Hot chocolate1,60 €Hot chocolate
Dessert with strawberry and cottage cheese2,50 €Dessert with strawberry and cottage cheese
Ice cream with chocolate 2,00 €Ice cream with chocolate
Pancakes with banana, chocolate and ice cream4,00 €Pancakes with banana, chocolate and ice cream
Pancakes with cottage cheese and berry4,50 €Pancakes with cottage cheese and berry
Heart – shaped pancakes with beery jam3,50 €Heart – shaped pancakes with beery jam
Fried cheese pancakes with sour cream and jam3,50 €Fried cheese pancakes with sour cream and jam
Snacks to beer
1,50 €Fried garlic bread
2,50 €Fried bread with cheese
4,00 €Hot appetizer
jalapeno pepers and mozzarella scheese, fried calamari in batter, sause
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